Thursday, February 26, 2009

Have a Decision to Make? Follow HIS lead!

As moms, we are always making decisions. We may be facing decisions on small details or major decisions that will change the course of our lives. The outcomes of some of our decisions affect not only our lives but the lives of our whole families! Will we stay home, will we go to work? What will we teach our children? How will we interact with our husbands? Will we volunteer for this event or that one? How will we run our business? Will we live here or there? The list of decisions goes on and on! If you have ever felt perplexed or burdened about decisions, big or small, don't be fearful. As children of God we have the best example to follow when it comes to those decisions that we are asked to make. When God came to earth in the form of His Son, Jesus, He not only died for our sins but left the best example on how to live a Godly and holy life.

Consider one of the most important decisions Jesus had to make, the selection of his twelve apostles. He knew that he only had a short time on this earth and that the men that he chose to be apostles must be men after the heart of God Himself. They needed to be strong, caring, righteous and more. This was a very important decision indeed!

In Luke 6:12-13 we read:
One of those days Jesus went out to the mountainside to pray, and spent all night praying to God. When morning came, he called his disciples to him and chose twelve of them who he also designated as apostles.

As God sent to earth in the flesh, Jesus went to the Father in prayer. He took time away from the hustle and bustle of teaching and healing to go out to the mountainside. It was just him and the Father above! Not only did he pray for guidance, he prayed all night long! If the Lord himself felt that prayer was the only way, shouldn't we also?

Are you facing some tough decisions in your life today? Don't feel overwhelmed, God will show the way. Take this perfect example from Jesus and spend some quiet time with God-just you and HIM. He will give you the wisdom and guidance that you so desperately need if you seek His face and listen for His answer.


Anonymous said...

The bottom line here is to 'listen'. Listen to your heart. What is it telling you? Confusion....chaos...decisions? Pay attention to those feelings. Recognize those feelings. Own those feelings....and talk to God...He is there...and when you least expect it your answer will be clear.... you will know your path.

Mary Lutz said...

Awesome post! It's so true that we need to stop and ask God for his direction, but we often forget that He is the first place we should go when we have a decision to make, big or small! Thanks for this!!!

I am giving your blog the Painted Life Blog award because you write from your heart! You can get your award at my blog,
God bless you!!!

Amber Vlangas said...

Thank you both for the great comments! It is so true that when we listen to Him He will guide us!

Thank you so much for the award Mary! It is very appreciated and I am honored!