Thursday, March 5, 2009

Be Still-Get out of the Way!

Children are such a gift from God, aren't they? I am always so amazed at God uses my children on a daily basis to teach me something new. Here is yet another story of how a simple everyday occurrence can reveal a truth that God wants us to understand.

Yesterday, as my almost four year-old, Lilly, and I were walking out of a building, she saw a young woman with two small children walking slightly in front of us. The mom was holding a baby carrier and a baby bag. The second child seemed to be around 2 years old (needless to say she had her hands full!). Seeing that the woman needed help, my daughter rushed ahead and pushed the heavy door open for her. While Lilly was excited about helping, there was just one simple problem. The door was so heavy that in order to keep it open, Lilly had to push with both hands and brace the door with her foot. This forced her to stand right in the way so the woman and her daughter could not get past her to get out!

Touched by her enthusiasm and kindness, the woman exclaimed,"Why, thank you, sweetie! You are such a big helper!"

After briskly jogging to catch up to the situation, I gently moved Lilly from the doorway and held the door for the woman so that she could go out. We laughed about the situation and chatted a bit. She thanked us both and commented on how helpful Lilly had been.

This sweet little situation reminded me of how we as believers sometimes get in the way in our efforts to help someone else or even trying to help ourselves. Of course, we have the best intentions at heart. We may want to share Him with others, help in a desperate situation, or take care of a problem of our own accord. In the case of trying to help ourselves, we can be a bit like drowning men that cannot be rescued until we stop thrashing about. Sometimes in our enthusiasm, we stand in the way of the work that only God can do for us and for others. The word tells us to listen carefully to his guidance, stay in prayer and ask him what it is he wants us to do. Sometimes he just wants us to be still, pray and trust him. He is faithful! When we get out of the way, He will open the door in HIS perfect timing and all-knowing way!

Is there a door in your life that needs to be opened? Are you praying for a loved one or trying to help a friend? Are your arms and legs straining and you feel the door is closing? Whether it is for yourself or another person, take the time today to do as Psalm 46:10 says Be still and know that I am God. He will open that door for you.

"So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." Luke 11:19


Mary Lutz said...

This is so true! I think people feel like if they aren't doing something about a situation then they are being lazy or it appears they don't care. But, when you are praying for a person or a situation you ARE doing the BEST thing you can do...leaving it in God's hands and TRUSTING that HE is taking care of it.

I also think that people are so impatient in this fast, high-speed, instant world, that we want results now. And when we don't see them, we think God isn't answering our prayer.

Remember, God is in control. EVEN when we aren't praying about it, God is in control of the universe. He can see ahead of us, and knows what's best and the best way to "fix" a situation or the best way to bring someone to salvation.

So, keep praying and keep TRUSTING GOD! Be still and get out of the way!

Faith said...

Great timing - I am going through so much right now that all I can do is wait on God. Because of the type of personality I have I always want to help others and rush to do so but many times have looked back and felt like I actually made the situation WORSE because of getting in the way!! This was a great message for me today, thanks for sharing...
I also agree with Mary - we are so used to things happening so quickly, we have drive thrus for food and quick service for so many other things. Many get perturbed by having to wait in line a few minutes because we all want results NOW! :-) I've been dealing with waiting lately on God and yes, sometimes it doesn't seem as though he's moving fast enough according to our standards. But if we are patient on Him and allow Him to work it out the way He's designed it, it is always worth the wait.

Amber Vlangas said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! I love how Mary mentioned that God is always in control. I am glad that the post spoke to you. This was one of those situations that God used to teach me (as I too, am going through some things that I am praying and waiting-my human impatience seems to come through more often than I would like). I love to share the wonderful things He teaches me. Isn't He so good like that?

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