Sunday, February 15, 2009

Moms, ever thought about this home hazard?

I received an e-mail recently from George DeCell, founder of SafetyCaps, Inc. asking me to bring a particular issue to my reader's attention. Even though I do not usually do product reviews on my blog, as a mother of three, I was happy to oblige this time. I truly had never thought about this hazard before and I know many other moms may not have thought about this danger either.

Several years ago, George's daughter, Sage, ended up with a plastic outlet cover in her mouth and nearly choked to death. This device, which was intended to save her life ended up presenting a near fatal situation! Most parents of infants and toddlers have these outlet covers in their home and are unaware of the dangers that they can present. Though these covers are not intended for consumption, those of us that have young children know that anything that CAN go in their mouth WILL go in their mouth. Many a well-meaning parent has taken an outlet cover out (to use the outlet) and set it aside, not anticipating that the child will pick it up and put it in their mouth!

In response to his personal situation and to keep other children from this clear danger, George has invented SafetyCaps. SafetyCaps are outlet covers that have been designed with the same specifications as a pacifier. In short, they are large enough not to be swallowed and have two ventilation holes. I truly believe that this design will save many childrens' lives. As I mentioned before, I don't usually do product reviews on this blog, however, I truly think that this one can make a difference and I give it 2 thumbs up! I would encourage those with little ones at home to visit the SafteyCaps website at to learn more about it. Protect your children from electric shock but also protect them from the choking hazards that other outlet caps present!

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